Troubleshooting Common Lift Problems


Genesis Hydraulic Pump Issues

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Bestcare Electric Charger Test

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Bestcare Troubleshooting Issues


The lights on the control box are not lit and I can’t charge?

  • Make sure red re-set button is in up position
  • Charger may be defective
  • Batteries may be expired

The lights on the control box go to amber/red when I use the lift?

  • The proper way to check battery levels is to not use the lift and depress the small blue plus/minus button to the right of the window with the lights. As long as you have two or more green lights you have a full charge

The actuator stops and starts during lifting or lowering?

  • Check battery levels and replace if needed

The actuator is stalled and a clicking sound is audible?

  • Check to make sure actuator plug is firmly pushed into control box
  • Actuator may be broken or at end of life cycle
  • PCB inside control box may be defective (call tech service)

The actuator will go up and or down but not both?

  • Hand control may be defective
  • Control box may be defective

The actuator makes a grinding noise when lifting a person but no noise when no load?

  • Internal gear on actuator stripped and actuator needs repair or replacing

Battery Indicator shows I have a charge but lift will not operate?

  • The lift will not operate while the charger is plugged in
  • Check to make sure the actuator is plugged into the control box tightly
  • Hand control may be defective

The lift needs constant charging?

  • Replace the internal batteries

The lift will not operate and there is no clicking sound when hand control is pressed?

  • The hand control may not be securely pushed into the control box
  • The hand control is defective or at end of life cycle

Two beeps are audible and lift runs slowly or stops and starts?

  • Charge the batteries

Three beeps are audible and lift stops with only red light visible?

  • Charge the batteries immediately or replace the batteries if required

Three long beeps audible and lift won’t operate?

  • Safe load limit has been exceeded and lift overloaded stop lift and lower patient immediately
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